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Under Construction. I'll be updating ASAP
My Jugg2
I bought my Jugg2 new from Tamiya.
When it comes to realistic RC's, you can't beat the Jugg. Of course when I recieved it, I immediately started moding it.
I'm not going to say how much money I have into it, if you're into RC you probably already have a good idea.

Mods include:

ESP Juggular chassis
1 Mag Mahem
Traxxas Big Bore shocks
Dual servo 4wheel steering
Chevy Pickup body
Duratrax ESC
RCM droptub
Hitec Radio system

My Emaxx
I finally got my E. Let me tell you, this is one BAD truck. The speed and agility is excellent right out of the box. With this truck, I haven't immediately felt the need to throw hundreds of $'s worth of mods on it. This truck will be a continued project, but due to financial limitations, mods and hopups will be done in a timely manner. I also think that I will start to explore the more creative side of RC, by using the "do it yourself" approach.

I have however traded the stock EVX and Titans for a Super Rooster and a couple of motors. I did this because I was unhappy with the runtime of the stock setup, and having to run 2 batts at a time cuts into my fun factor. I am currently waiting on a small 12v starter battery to run with some stock Tamiya motors while I save up some money for dual Mag Mayhems.

I got my EVX back and bought some Mag Mayhems along with a spool for the rear. Man this thing is wild, wheelies all day in 2nd gear. Of course you may have heard of my custom truck I am making, unfortunately my E is donating parts so while I am in the process of building my truck, I don't have anything to drive.
Oh well we all have to make sacrifices.